Who We Are

GoTournamental Ltd came about in 2014 after co-founders Martin and Rob watched their sons in a youth football tournament in East Sussex. Martin - the Fixture Secretary for the host club - described the laborious task of using a spreadsheet to organise the fixtures being played out in front of them, having dedicated several entire weekends to administration for the event. Rob, his neighbour, suggested it would be easier if the tournament was managed online. What you see here is the fruit of many hours work: in club houses, kitchens, dining rooms and the honourary boardroom, currently The Coopers Arms.

Rob Boyett

- "The Techie"
An award-winning software developer in the legal profession by day, Dr Rob is a West Ham United supporter and enjoys training in CROSS Krav Maga.

Martin Bunte

- Sales & Customer Care
Martin's normal role is selling management applications to estate agents. Now a protected species, being a Chelsea fan from before 1998, his barbecues in the snow are legendary.