How will GoTournamental help me plan my sport event?

Follow the YouTube links below to watch our demonstration and tutorial videos

First Steps
  • Register to use GoTournamental  
  • Create your tournament home page - detailing when and where - who to contact - customise with your club logo  
  • Upload documentation for tournament rules and safety forms etc
  • Catalogue tournament sponsors - upload advert graphics - enable click-through adverts
Prepare Your Tournament
  • Set up your competitions based on age bands. Allocate pitches  
  • Register all teams competing for the host club with relevant team contacts
  • Upload details of your target clubs and their key contacts using our Excel template
  • Invite clubs to tournament - other clubs can register their teams remotely and securely online  
  • Assign registered teams to groups - allocate pitches and session times
  • Generate fixtures automatically for group stages and competitive finals
  • Provide all registered contacts with personal online tournament itineries - times, locations
  • Download pre-formatted fixture schedules and all tournament data ready for programme printing
At The Printers
  • Download full fixture itineraries for programme printing
  • Download printer-ready referee slips
Run Your Event
  • Re-organise competitive groups and/or fixture schedules in real time - manage 'no-shows', replacement teams, and other 'gotchas'
  • Enter match results online, updating league tables and calculating qualitification to finals etc automatically
  • Display live event summaries. Volunteers, coaches and parents can follow results, tables and schedule alterations online in real time
  • Download key contacts details in Excel for your records
Easy Registration for Tournament Entrants
  • Register your teams once you are invited to a tournament